Acknowledgment, Waiver and Disclaimer

Please read this disclaimer carefully before signing. I confirm that the 5-kilometer The Color Run™ will challenge personal physical and mental fitness and may involve potential risks of death, injury, and property damage. I hereby expressly acknowledge that I will bear all possible risks involved in participating in The Color Run™. I certify that I am physically capable of participating in The Color Run™, have adequately trained to participate in The Color Run™, and that no qualified medical professionals have advised me to withdraw from The Color Run™. I hereby do the acts set forth below on behalf of myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, immediate family members, assigns, and any person who may bring a claim or action for indemnification on my behalf, and hereby expressly acknowledge that I voluntarily perform these acts:

(a) I agree to abide by the event rules of The Color Run™;

(b) I agree to inspect the track, facilities, equipment, and areas where the event will be staged before participating in it, and if I discover any unsafe conditions, I will notify the relevant personnel overseeing the event, facilities, equipment, and areas;

(c) Death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospitalization expenses, theft or property damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with my participation in this event and my travel to and from the event, including In the event of economic losses and/or theft of items, etc., I will waive and exempt the following people and entities from all liability for compensation and other related responsibilities: event organizers, sponsors, race directors, staff, event owners, volunteers , the country, city or venue where the event or part of the event is held, and the officials, directors, employees, representatives, volunteers and agents of the above events;

(d) I agree that if an emergency (such as injury or illness) requires medical emergency care, I hereby authorize medical personnel to assist me. I have the following disease history and drug allergies: (        ). If not, please fill in “NO”.

(e) I acknowledge that there may be traffic on the course and I assume all risks of participating in this event and racing on the course. I will also assume all other risks associated with participating in this event, including but not limited to falls, contact and/or collision with other participants, consequences of weather including heat or humidity, defects in equipment, road and crossroads. I am fully aware and understand these potential hazards due to the condition of the intersection, water obstacles, complications and other hazards that may be posed by spectators or volunteers, and further confirm that these risks also include those arising from the negligence or fault of specified personnel and entities in clause (c) or other personnel or entities;

(f) I agree that since I have waived all liability for damages against the persons or entities involved in clause (c) above, I agree not to initiate any lawsuits against these persons or entities;

(g) I will indemnify and hold harmless the persons or entities specified in clause (c) above if they are subject to any claim for compensation or bear any liability due to: (i) my acts or omissions; (ii) the acts or omissions or negligence of others; (iii) the conditions of the facilities, equipment or venues where the event is held; (iv) the rules of the event; or (v) other damages associated with The Color Run™

(h) I authorize the event organizer and designated media to use my portrait, name, voice, etc. for the promotion of The Color Run™ free of charge;

I hereby confirm that I am over eighteen (18) years of age. I have read this document carefully and understand its contents.

__________________________________________________ Name

__________________________________________________ Date Signed

I give my consent for the undersigned to receive my participation kit.

__________________________________________________ Signature

For participants under the age of eighteen (18), one of their parents or a legal guardian must sign the above disclaimer and complete the following: The _________________________ (parent/guardian) signing above is the parent or natural/legal guardian of _______________________ (name of minor), and hereby confirms that he or she has signed the foregoing disclaimer on behalf of the minor. As the natural or legal guardian of the minor, I hereby confirm that myself, the minor and our executors, administrators, heirs, immediate relatives, and assigns will be legally bound by this exemption clause. I declare that I have the legal authority to act on behalf of the minor named herein and agree that if I do not have the legal authority to sign the document but still sign this document on behalf of the minor, If the persons or entities involved in the disclaimer are liable for compensation or other responsibilities, I will make full compensation to such persons or entities so that they will not be harmed. I hereby authorize any licensed physician, emergency physician, hospital or other medical facility ("Medical Provider") to treat the minor in an attempt to treat or alleviate any symptoms resulting from or related to the minor's participation in The Color Run™. I authorize such medical providers to take all medically recommended measures to attempt to treat and alleviate such injury or illness. I agree to the use of medically recommended anesthesia during treatment. I understand that complications or other unintended consequences may occur during any medical procedure, and I hereby assume such risks on behalf of myself and the minor. I acknowledge that there are no guarantees about medical results.

Note: Parents/guardians must sign the above consent letter. .

 __________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name (Print Type)

__________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature

__________________________________________________ Relationship to Minor

__________________________________________________ Date Signed

Note: Once you register, you will be deemed to agree to the above disclaimer. Once you register, there will be no refunds!

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